Flu Vaccine Clinical Trial

Influenza is a major cause of illness and death worldwide.  The risk of complications and hospitalization from influenza is higher in people 65 and older, young children and people with underlying medical conditions.  Since there are different influenza viruses circulating, recommendations for each flu season reflect the global influenza virus surveillance throughout the year in both hemispheres.  This means the schedule for specific seasonal flu vaccine is very compressed.  This study will evaluate safety, effectiveness and tolerability of a 2022-23 licensed flu vaccine compared to a research vaccine which has the potential for a faster production time.

Complete the form below to volunteer or call us at (615) 329-2222.

Patients who complete the study will receive $655 in compensation.

Who Can Join?

  • Anyone 18+*
  • Must be generally healthy

What does the study encompass?

  • Four office visits over a seven month period of time
  • Three blood draws
  • One injection
  • Report flu like symptoms to study site and schedule illness visits
  • Must complete an electronic diary for the duration of the study
  • $655 in compensation


  • First visits begin in September 2022
  • Sign up NOW to reserve your spot

*This clinical trial is open to everyone 18-years-old and older, and no longer is limited just to individuals over 65.

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