Flu Vaccine Clinical Trial

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Why Do We Need This Study?

Influenza is an acute and highly contagious viral infection.  There are about 1 billion cases of influenza (flu) globally each year resulting in about 290,000 to 650,000 related deaths. In the United States the influenza-related hospitalization rate in the 65-and-older age group is estimated to be 309 per 100,000. The 50-64 age group has fewer hospitalizations, but the highest amount of influenza illnesses and medical visits.

Vaccination is the primary method for preventing flu and its potentially severe complications. However, the immune system has a lesser response to conventional influenza vaccines as we age, which is why it's important to make sure we have vaccines that work for every age group.

This study therefore is evaluating the immune response to an investigational vaccine compared to conventional marketed flu vaccines.

What Happens if I Join the Study?

All participants will receive a flu shot.  There are NO placebos in this study.  The study will last about six months with approximately 2 clinic visits and 3 phone calls for the majority of participants.  There is a small subset which will require 5 clinic visits and 1 phone call over 12 months. You will receive $125/office visit and $31/ phone call. You will keep a diary for up to 14 days after your vaccination.

Who can participate?

This study is open to people 50 years and older who are relatively healthy and available for all study visits.

How do I get more information?

You may call our office between the hours of 8:30 – 4:30 Monday – Thursday; 8:30 – 1:00 on Friday at 615-329-2222 or click on the link and sign up on line.  Our team will need to speak with you briefly to determine if you qualify for participation. There’s no obligation and no insurance required.  Study related procedures and study vaccine is at no cost.

Sign up using our form or read more below. You can also call our team with any questions at (615) 329-2222.