COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trials


COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials for adults are currently full, and we are not enrolling new adult patients at this time. The enrollment pause is due to the study sponsors meeting enrollment goals, and not due to an adverse event or the safety of the investigational product. For information about pediatric clinical studies, click here. Thank you to all of our patients and volunteers, who have helped make it possible to begin vaccinating the general population against COVID-19!

If you would like to volunteer for a future study, click the “save my spot” button, and we will reach out to you to complete initial screening as soon as possible. This will allow you to be one of the first in line for the next study. We expect to begin enrolling patients in pediatric and adolescent COVID-19 vaccine clinical studies in the coming months.

Participants are financially compensated for their time. No medical training is needed. 

Why Volunteer?

COVID-19 vaccine supply currently is too low to allow everyone who wants a vaccine to get one. By signing up for a clinical study, you contribute to increasing the amount of available vaccines from additional manufacturers. You also have a chance of receiving the vaccine yourself.

Do you have questions first?

We understand.  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page here.

All COVID vaccine clinical trials conducted by Clinical Research Associates are FDA regulated, IRB approved, and abide by Good Clinical Practices, which protect the safety and human rights of clinical study volunteers. We will not share your data with third parties. 


You may qualify to participate in a COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial if you are 16 years or older, generally healthy, and are well-managed on current medications. You must also not have had a previously confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19. The first step is to take the screening questionnaire linked here.

What does the study involve?

COVID vaccine studies involve an injection of either a placebo or an investigational vaccine with an inactive ingredient. Number of office visits range from 6 to 11, and compensation for your time and travel ranges from $750 to $1250. The study is expected to last 2 years, to continue measuring safety and efficacy.