Volunteers Needed


Clinical Research Associates is coordinating Phase III clinical studies for COVID-19 vaccines, and YOU can play an important role. Research studies rely on clinical volunteers, and currently there are no approved vaccines available to prevent COVID-19 . You can help bring the world one step closer to finding a medicine that can prevent the disease that disrupted society in 2020. 

All Phase III trials conducted by Clinical Research Associates are FDA regulated, IRB approved, and abide by Good Clinical Practices, which protect the human rights of clinical trial volunteers. We will not share your data with third parties. Participants are financially compensated for their time.  You can sign up to join the study here.

Do you have questions first? We understand. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page here


You may qualify to participate in a COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial if you are 18 years or older, generally healthy, and are well-managed on current medications. You must also not have had a previously confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19. The first step is to take the screening questionnaire linked here.

What does the study involve?

COVID vaccine trials involve an injection of either a placebo or investigational vaccine (inactive ingredient). Number of office visits range from 6 to 11, and compensation for your time and travel ranges from $750 to $1250. The trial is expected to last 2 years, to continue measuring safety and efficacy.