Health Fair Stops in Nashville to Combat Chronic Illness Rates

Trade association Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America has partnered with local research company Clinical Research Associates to host a mobile health fair Wednesday to bring awareness to the nation’s rising chronic disease rates.   

According to the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease, 787,000 Tennesseans were diagnosed with three or more chronic diseases. However, by 2030, close to 2 million residents are projected to have at least three chronic diseases. PFCD_TN.FactSheet_FINAL1 (fightchronicdisease.org) 

The event is being offered through PhRMA’s Roadmap to Health program, which was established in 2019 to provide people with health education and screenings. The health screenings include checking cholesterol levels, blood pressure, body mass index and glucose levels, all indicators of potential chronic diseases.  

The free PhRMA health event will take place at CRA’s 1500 Church Street office between 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., with screenings conducted by US Wellness.    

“Nashville was chosen because many residents are without access to regular health screenings,” PhRMA spokesperson Sami Williams said. 

Williams told the Post the mobile health fair event was the companies’ attempt to help remove health barriers within the community by giving people who may not know about their health a chance to ask physicians questions.  

“We are hoping to educate the community on the importance of staying healthy and maintaining proper nutrition,” she said. “We hope this event will help empower participants to take control of their health.” 

The screenings will not include diagnosis of chronic disease, Williams added, noting that results will be provided to participants for them to take to a health care provider.

Note: This story was originally published by the Nashville Post, and written by contributor Katelynn White. Read the original story here