Nashville Trial Looks to Find Migraine Relief for Sufferers – News Channel 5

Nashville News Channel 5 recently interviewed Clinical Research Associates, Inc. Medical Director Dr. Stephan Sharp to discuss our current clinical trials that may provide migraine relief to patients who suffer from migraines at least monthly. Read the story below and watch the video at the original link here

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — More than 35 million Americans suffer from migraine headaches and many of those migraines are chronic with seemingly no end in sight.

A trial in Nashville is testing new treatments that could be effective for those that suffer. Researchers at Clinical Research Associates are comparing two drugs to find out which is more successful.

Both drugs are already approved by regulators; researchers are trying to determine which is the best on the market for those suffering.

Medical Director Stephan Sharp said the participants they’ve seen for this trial have taken numerous prior remedies with no luck. He said a trial like this allows people who are really suffering to be able to test drugs without paying the costly price — sometimes these drugs can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

“It’s an option for people who maybe are a little worried about taking on the cost of one of these new drugs, so it gives them a chance to field test it before ponying up their deductible which can be substantial,” said Sharp. “It gives them a chance to see, is it worth pursuing with my own physician or not?”

Cyndy Amador is a new participant in the trial who has suffered from migraines for years. She hopes this is the light at the end of the tunnel for many who have to bear the pain. Previously she had been involved in Clinical Research Associate’s COVID-19 vaccine trial.