Why participate?

Clinical trials help determine the safety and effectiveness of any new medication, device or technique. Participating is a way of impacting generations of your family down the road.

Why is it so important to participate in research?

According to a recent survey, most people decide to participate in a clinical study with the goal of helping themselves and others. They may want to find a better treatment than one they are currently taking. Or their motivation could be to assist in the drug approval process so others have access to a better treatment in the future. Other reasons include:

  • Receive better quality of care
  • Receive free study-related medical care and medication
  • Doctor referral

Clinical Research Associates in Nashville, Tennessee was formed in 1990 as an independent clinical research center. Since then, over 13,000 people have participated in over 500 studies. Our participants come from all over Metropolitan Nashville and surrounding counties.

Our team has collaborated with all major pharmaceutical and research management organizations. We are proud to be a part of cutting-edge health research. And we are just as proud to bring prestigious clinical trials to Nashville.

Want to learn more about participating in a clinical trial? Watch the video below: