Booster Shots: Important Information for Pfizer Patients

We are absolutely committed to all our COVID-19 vaccine trial participants who have selflessly volunteered to participate in our studies and were amongst the first in the world to receive the COVID vaccine. We plan to provide a third dose to all interested, eligible participants aged 16 years and over who remain in follow-up within the study. We are working on all the necessary elements that would allow this to be performed within the study and will provide an update to our participants as we progress this plan. If you are a patient in Pfizer’s COVID vaccine clinical study, you will be eligible for a booster shot. We will contact you to set up an appointment at the appropriate time.

6 thoughts on “Booster Shots: Important Information for Pfizer Patients”

  1. I am in the Astrazeneca study and can’t seem to find any info about boosters for AZ. Since I had the second vaccine in JAN, and am 60 years old, I am very eager to get my booster

    1. Hi, John. Thanks for checking in. I recommend that you call us at (615) 329-2222 to speak with a representative who can help you.

    1. Hi, Karen.

      The booster study will continue to test safety and immunogenicity of booster shots. The FDA has not made a final decision on boosters and, regardless, it’s important for everyone to know how well boosters work. That’s why we have clinical trials.

  2. I was in the AZ Phase III study and when I went to get my vaccines afterward at a local CDC site, I was told I wasn’t eligible since I had already received the equivalent of close to two vaccines with the study antibodies. Should I get a booster now?

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