NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – Clinical Research Associates in Nashville is enrolling adults into their RSV vaccine study.

RSV, or respiratory syncytial virus, is something typically found in children, but it can impact older adults too.

RSV causes cold-like symptoms and can lead to serious illnesses — like bronchitis or pneumonia — and sometimes death.

In the U.S. around 177,500 are hospitalized from RSV each year.

Clinical Research Associates says their study aims to determine the effectiveness and safety of a single dose of the RSV vaccine.

“For the majority of folks in the study, it’s only four visits — one injection the first year, another injection the second year. Some of those will be active, some of those will be placebo. The other visits are really by phone call,” said Dr. Stephan Sharp, medical director at Clinical Research Associates. “If someone gets an illness — if it’s an upper respiratory illness — we’re going to test them to see if it’s RSV or if it’s something else.”

Dr. Sharp says the vaccine would hopefully reduce the severity of the illness.

“As with all vaccines you expect to reduce the frequency of getting the vaccine, but the main focus is reducing the severe case, the ones that land you in the hospital and of course the morgue.”

To qualify for the study, you must be 60 years or older, be able to complete the study visits and phone visits, be generally healthy or without what they consider to be unstable medical conditions.

If you do enroll in the study, you’ll be compensated for your time.

Clinical Research Associates says they’ll see their first RSV patient on Thursday.

Click here to learn more or sign up for the RSV study.

Original Story on WSMV Here: Enrollment available for RSV vaccine study

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