Enrollment Open For Smoking Cessation Study in Nashville

News Channel 5 in Nashville reporter Emily Luxen recently interviewed Clinical Research Associates, Inc. Medical Director Dr. Stephan Sharp about a new smoking cessation clinical trial in Nashville. You can read the full story below or where it originally ran on the NC5 website here

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — For those who started smoking during the pandemic, they aren’t alone, but now a new clinical study underway in Nashville aims to help them quit.

Clinical Research Associates, Inc. is currently enrolling smokers in a new clinical trial called ORCA-3. Medical Director Dr. Stephan Sharp is overseeing the trial, which is evaluating a plant-based, naturally occurring compound called Cytisinicline. This is a potential treatment option to help smokers who are trying to quit. The drug is already on the market in other countries.

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