Nashville trials to start for new pneumonia vaccine

This story, ‘Nashville trials to start for new pneumonia vaccine’ originally ran on Nashville News Channel 5 on Aug. 12. You can see the video and read the story here

Local trials will begin next week at Clinical Research Associates in Nashville that will provide a great amount of insight into how impactful the new vaccine could be.

The current vaccine has been around for some time now, and new strains have emerged so an updated vaccine is needed. Currently, health experts recommend people who are 65 or older need two pneumococcal shots taken a year apart from each other. The protection typically lasts 5 to 10 years.

Clinical Research Associates will focus on ages 18 to 49 and will try to answer the question of if this new vaccine is more effective. If you’re in good health and meet the requirements, you’re encouraged to sign up.

Medical Director Dr. Stephan Sharp said this is just another version of many to come to keep people protected from the virus.

“The bacteria are always playing catch up to our vaccines, then we have to play catch up to the new versions of the bacteria or viruses. I guess it will be a never-ending struggle as we can keep a pace of keeping it a reasonably controlled situation,” said Sharp.

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Learn more about the vaccine study and sign up here