News Channel 5: New RSV vaccine being tested in Nashville trials

News story “New RSV Vaccine Being Tested in Nashville Trials” originally ran on Nashville News Channel 5 here

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — RSV cases are on the rise and now a concern leading into winter months. Cases are spiking to numbers that haven’t been seen since 2019.

The respiratory virus typically impacts children or people 60 years and older.

A new vaccine is on the horizon aiming to treat the virus in the older population. Trials are happening at Clinical Research Associates located in downtown Nashville.

Anyone 60-years-old or older can sign up for the clinical study on the vaccine. You can find details here or by calling Clinical Research Associates at (615) 329-2222. Volunteers receive study-related care at no cost and compensation of up to $449.

“There’s been a lot of difficulty trying to get an RSV vaccine that’s successful,” said trial investigator Dr. Michael Caldwell. “What we learned with COVID-19 opened up a new opportunity for us.”

Caldwell said two RSV vaccines are in trials for ages 60 and older to prevent moderate to severe infections, in turn preventing more deaths.

More than 177,000 adults over 65 are hospitalized each year, while 14,000 lose their lives, according to the CDC.

Because of growing statistics and the desperate need for a preventative measure, 67-year-old Paul Siami jumped on the opportunity to participate.

There’s a chance he could have a placebo, but said so far he’s done well with no side effects.

“I want to be a part of the community and what would be good for the world and our own nation,” said Siami.

“We know we can make the world a better place by having this RSV vaccine,” said Caldwell.

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Sign up for a clinical trial here.