A Note From Clinical Research Associates CEO

Before we get too far into 2022, we want to take a look back and remember the lessons of 2021. Please take a moment to read the note below from Clinical Research Associates, Inc. CEO Linda M. Schipani. 

Greetings from all of us at Clinical Research Associates! Like so many of you, we have lost track of time as 2021 has been a total blur and a new year is about to begin. The theme of this year has continued to be COVID and how can we work within the boundaries and limits it has brought. Over a thousand of you have stepped up and volunteered to participate in our COVID vaccine studies. Thank you and be assured YOU have made a big difference in our world. We have vaccines which have been a game changer in our fight again COVID. Last year we were so limited to whom we could see and how many people we should gather at one time during the holiday season. This year, if you are vaccinated, gathering with friends and family should be on your to do list. There is a sense of hope.

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While we celebrate the return of a more usual way of life, I would remind you, to continue to practice healthy habits. We still have flu, colds, and other viral/bacterial illnesses to combat and COVID is not going away. What habits have you established? Hand washing, sanitizing hands, standing a distance from others and facial covering in crowds etc. Keep it up! What NEW habits can you add to your arsenal? Healthy eating, good sleep practices, exercising, meditating, daily deviational, reaching out to others in your neighborhood, volunteering for an organization or simply setting aside some “me time.” You probably have some personal ideas of what will make you healthier and happier. I would encourage you to give it some serious thought. There have been lots of lessons learned during the pandemic but our health and staying healthy has been one of the most important.

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The adage is if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. So, maybe one of your new year’s resolutions will be to focus on healthy living both physically and mentally. Make appointments with your healthcare providers, get those recommended vaccinations, and do a mental inventory. What are your emotional needs? Is there something you can do to rectify your situation, or do you need assistance? Maybe only you can answer, but do not hesitate to reach out to a trusted family member, friend, or your healthcare provider for some advice. The pandemic has made many of us isolate and withdraw, so perhaps now is the time to reconnect.

Our best wishes for a happy and healthy 2022,

Linda Moore Schipani, RN, MSN

President & CEO


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