Local Media Highlights CRA’s Role in Pediatric Vaccine Clinical Study

Nashville’s daily newspaper, The Tennessean, recently highlighted Clinical Research Associates’ role in a recent article, headlined “This week in COVID-19: Pfizer vaccine for kids, mandates for workers.” In the article, healthcare reporter Brett Kelman spoke with Allison King, whose three sons are enrolled in the pediatric COVID-19 vaccine clinical study here at Clinical Research Associates. Allison spoke about why she wanted her kids to be involved in the study, how the benefits outweighed the risks, and what she’s excited to do now that the vaccine has been authorized.

“Among the first Tennessee kids to be vaccinated were the three sons of Allison King, 39, of Nashville, who enrolled her boys in a Pfizer [clinical study] at Clinical Research Associates.

King’s 6-year-old twins each got their first dose in mid-October. Her 11-year-old son initially got a placebo but got his first dose Thursday after the trial was unblinded.

Soon, all three boys will be fully vaccinated. Doors that have been closed since 2020 will reopen.

“The idea that they can go back to sports, participate in church activities and be back in school is huge for my kids to on track to a normal childhood,” King said. “We have friends over again … We are going to return to dining indoors. We are going to the movies.”

King said she once had reservations about enrolling her kids in the trial. But after one of her sons caught the sniffles during the delta surge – and she grappled with anxiety while waiting for his COVID-19 test results – she realized the truth.

“I knew my worry far outweighed the risks,” King said. “And I wanted to get my children vaccinated as soon as possible.””

Local NBC affiliate WSMV also interviewed the Kings to hear about how excited they are to be vaccinated and get back to normal life after participating in the clinical study. You can watch their interview here.

The Kings are not the only family excited to vaccinate their 5-11-year-olds. Another trial participant, Samuel Sullivan, shared his excitement to be vaccinated in a recent video sent to Clinical Research Associates. Nationally, nearly 1 million kids between ages 5 and 11 have been vaccinated as of the time of this writing. It’s due to families like the Kings, the Sullivans, and hundreds more that kids all over the country are finally getting back to a normal life.

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