WSMV: New Pediatric COVID Vaccine Trial Looking For Child Participants

WSMV in Nashville recently covered our pediatric COVID vaccine study. Watch the video featuring reporter/anchor Ryan Breslin and CRA medical director Dr. Stephan Sharp here

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – A new COVID-19 vaccine trial is being conducted in Nashville, and researchers are looking for participants.

The study is testing a new vaccine for kids under the age of 12 that aims to have a longer shelf life, according to Clinical Research Associates.

Researchers said the new vaccine can be stored in less extreme environments and can be used in more widely rural areas. Unlike other vaccines used to fight COVID-19, this one is protein-based which allows the vaccine’s shelf life to be extended.

Clinical Research Associates in Nashville is conducting the protein-based Novavax trial for children between 6 months and 12 years of age. Researchers said children who apply for the study must have never had a COVID-19 vaccine before.

Read more about this study at Nashville Medical News

Researchers stressed the trial’s safety for kids.

“Nobody is being a guinea pig first off,” said Clinical Research Associates affiliate Dr. Stephan Sharp. “I don’t think there’s a patient in an average doctor’s office that’s getting scrutinized more than patients in clinical studies. We see them way more often, we follow them on a very regular basis, we get blood work on them to monitor how they’re doing, we pay a lot of attention to how they are and that’s our number one job.”

To sign up your child for the study, fill out the form on Clinical Research Associate’s website.